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We had an exciting week at 23 Kazoos!  Two of our clients won awards from the Phoenix Chamber of CommerceValley Sleep Center won Business Owner of the Year, and Virginia Auto Service won for “Response to Adversity.” (By the way, there were 70 businesses in the competition.)

Award programs are a big deal because they generate a lot of publicity for the companies who win them.  This leads to greater visibility and credibility in the marketplace which leads to more profits.  It’s a win, win, win!

Before you apply for awards programs, however; there is some work you need to do.  First thing is to make sure you that you meet the requirements of winning these programs.  The application process in many of these programs can be fairly rigorous.  These are not popularity contests based on how many votes your company can get on Facebook, but whether how does your company excel in the categories the program is measuring.  Like the Phoenix Chamber Impact Award Program, many of the awards programs look at criteria like company culture, community involvement, growth of the company, profitability, core values, marketplace sentiment, and more.

By understanding the awards programs ahead of time, you can begin to position your company to win these awards.  For example, what does your company do for the community?  Do you have any formal programs to give back?  If not, then you’ll need to start some.  What is your company culture like?  Do you know?  If not, you may want to survey your employees.  Many of the awards programs require an employee survey as part of the application process.

Part of what we do at 23 Kazoos is to help companies position themselves so they can win these programs.  Then when the time is right, we manage the application process for you because many business owners are just too busy to take the time to fill out a comprehensive awards application.

If you are in the Phoenix area, there are a couple of awards programs accepting nominations right now that I highly recommend you apply for including the Spirit of Enterprise Award sponsored by Arizona State University, and the Most Admired Company program sponsored by the AZ Business Magazine and BestCompaniesAZ.  However there are many more as well.

Apply for, and win business awards, and you’ll reap the benefits.