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Mobile media is hot!  Amazon sold approximately 5 million Kindle Fires over the holiday 2011 season.

Mobile media is hot! Amazon sold approximately 5 million Kindle Fires over the holiday 2011 season. Photo credit: Brian Sawyer,

If you have ever considered the possibility of creating an e-book to market your business, now may be the best time to start.  CNet reported that according to preliminary estimates, almost 8 million new Apple and Android devices were activated over Christmas weekend 2011.  When you add the estimated 5 million Kindle Fire’s sold during the holiday season, it is easy to see that access to online media like e-books is becoming the norm for everyday Americans.  The benefits your business can get from publishing a quality e-book far outweigh the effort needed to create it.  Don’t miss out on the huge opportunity this demand for portable media is creating.

Here are four reasons why you need to include e-books as part of your 2012 business marketing strategy.

1. Establish Yourself as an Expert

According to Ivan Misner, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Business Networking International (BNI), visibility plus credibility equals profitability.  Writing a book is one of the most credible ways to identify yourself as an authority on the subjects that matter most in your industry and to your customers.

2. Publicity

The media is always looking for subject matter experts to provide insight, background, opinion, and recommendations on what is happening in the world.  However, most media want to see some sort of credentials before they will accept you as a source.  Credentials come in many forms: initials such as M.D.., PhD, CPA; experience such as “eyewitness,” and titles such as doctor, lawyer or author.  Being a published author immediately gives you credentials that the media can trust.

3. Competitive Advantage

In industries where there are hundreds or even thousands of others who do what you do, an e-book can set you apart from the crowd.  If you use your e-book as a promotional tool, you can show prospects the value you offer before you ask them to spend any money.  This is also an effective way to build and expand your prospect list.  Everyone loves getting something for free and prospective customers are more likely to give up their contact information if they are getting something of value in return.  If you choose to sell your e-book, you are increasing your visibility, credibility, and perceived authority while also opening an alternate revenue stream.

4. Broaden Your Reach

Putting information in e-book form opens the door to attracting other readers and broadens your reach as a business owner.  People who aren’t consistent blog consumers and those who are not interested in attending a webinar may be interested in what you have to say and the knowledge you have to share, but not the form of media you are using to communicate.  E-books provide another way to get your message out to the masses and will attract a different set of potential customers.

Writing an e-book to share or sell with your target audience can greatly enhance your business and your brand by establishing your expertise, increasing your visibility, and boosting your credibility.  Whether you are looking to build your list, attract publicity, or invite a new segment of prospects into your business, authoring an e-book will open the doors to make it happen.

Have you written an e-book already?  Post the link to it here and let us know how it has impacted your business!