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“RT @Sprezzatura I love my #Droid. It’s like Jesus in a box.” via TwitterDROID!

I am not what you call an “early adopter.”

But yesterday, I was the first in the door of my local Verizon store to purchase the DROID-my very first 3G-Internet capable, multifunctioning cell phone!  Here’s what I like and don’t like about my new DROID.

Here’s what I LOVE about it.

  • Awesome screen resolution
  • It makes perfect little videos
  • Takes better photos than my digital camera
  • Sound is great
  • Screen sensitivity is perfect
  • I like the big font!
  • Fun little Android guy
  • Great to sync my gmail, contacts, docs and calendar
  • With all the little apps I can do everything I need
  • Easy to post to Twitter via an app called “Swift”
  • Easy to post to Facebook
  • Free Apps
  • GPS app

Here’s what I don’t love about it

  • It feels kind of clunky in my hand, not smooth and sleek.
  • The keys on the real keyboard are too small for my fingers.
  • Same with the keys on the screen
  • Battery life sucks!!  I charged it up all night and used it today and it only took a couple hours to get to 50% battery.  (I’ve heard there’s an app for that.)
  • No instruction manual in the box, just a shot little “Getting Started Guide”
  • The girl at the store sold me the wrong accessories and she didn’t seem to know much about the phone.
  • I haven’t figured out how to transfer the video and photos that I took to my computer other than by email.
  • Verizon hasn’t paid any attention to my tweets or retweets.   They are not attempting to connect with their audience.

I don’t know how this compares to an I-Phone, but for me whose last phone was the Envy, this phone totally rocks.

What do you think?