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When you hear the words “House Party”, you might think of a house full of screaming toga-clad college students or the

Want To Generate Word of Mouth?  Why Not Throw A House Party?

House Parties are the latest in social media marketing

Tupperware parties your mom threw in the 60’s and 70’s.  These images could make even the most seasoned business owner a little squeamish about using this technique as part of their forward thinking word of mouth marketing strategy.  But before you toss the Tupperware out with the togas, you need to understand that this type of house party melds the best parts of social networking with the tried and true concept of product placement.  This is not your mother’s Tupperware party.  It’s social media marketing at its core.

House parties are one of the new ideas coming out of social media marketing.  The concept is simple.  Find a host. Provide free products for the party.  Let your products sell themselves. is one of the pioneers in this type of marketing event.  They match businesses with hosts, help hosts with invites and planning, and facilitate the process of getting products in the hands of partygoers.  Looking for a house party?  Check their website at

Unlike the sales-pitch party-based marketing strategies used by many in-home product sellers, a house party is low on pitch, big on products.  Instead of demonstrating how your products could enhance some experience, a house party aims to give the partygoers the actual experience.  Since the host invites people who are perfect for your product, you are marketing directly to your target market.

Incorporating a house party into your overall marketing strategy does require planning.  To help you make the most of the experience, here are five tips to throwing a successful house party.

1.      Find the Right Host.

One of the most important factors in a successful house party is finding the right host.  You want someone who already loves your product and can bring together a group of people that are part of your target market.

2.      Plan Ahead.

Maximize the success of your party by planning 3-6 months in advance.  You want to make sure all the pieces are in place and that you can get your party on the right people’s calendar.   Since generating buzz can make the party “the” event that people are trying to get an invite to attend, you also need to allow enough time to build up that buzz.

3.      Pick Your Goals.

House parties are no different than other types of marketing campaigns in that you need to establish your goals for the campaign upfront.  These goals will help guide decisions as you go through the planning process.  Make sure you also know how you will measure your success.

4.      Prep Your Product.

As the primary goal of a house party it to promote a product, you need to decide how you will feature your product at the party for maximum effect.  If you offer natural facial products, you might pick a “girl’s night in” theme for the party and provide each guest with a beauty bag full of your products along with some pretty pajamas.

5.      Sell the Party, Sell the Product.

Use all the resources at your disposal including social media, in store displays, newsletters, and even print ads to sell the party.  If you have the right host, generate enough buzz, and plan your party properly, the product will sell itself.  Just make sure you have provided party guests with information on how to purchase more of your product.

By taking a page from social media and creating a social setting where people can interact with your products and each other, you can generate positive peer to peer advertising worth much more than the cost of the products.

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