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(PHOENIX, AZ) October, 2012 – What started as a single week devoted to increasing awareness in 2006 has evolved into a month long focus on bullying: what it is, how it hurts, and how to stop it.

“Bullying can take many forms, like name-calling, teasing, hitting, and sending insulting messages by text, email and social media,” says Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Jan Hamilton who founded Doorways, a Phoenix-based counseling center devoted to young people. “Bullying Prevention Month provides an opportunity for parents to share expectations and help children who may be hurting.”

Jan is available to discuss:

How adults can support kids who are bullied by:

  • Listening and assuring the child it is not his or her fault
  • Working together to resolve the situation so the child feels safe
  • Understanding some children find it difficult to discuss and may need professional help

How adults can address bullying behavior by:

  • Making sure children understand what the problem behavior is
  • Making it clear you will not tolerate bullying
  • Using consequences and involving those who bully in making amends

 How adults can talk about bulling with kids by

  • Helping them understand what bullying is
  • Keeping lines of communication open
  • Modeling respectful behavior

Children at Risk of Being Bullied

  • Are perceived as being different by their peers
  • Are perceived as weak, unable to defend themselves or have low self esteem
  • Are less popular or don’t get along well with others

Children More Likely to Bully Others

  • Have social power and like to dominate or be in charge of others
  • Have low self esteem, may be less involved in school or more isolated from peers
  • Have less parental involvement or facing trouble at home
  • Have friends who bully
  • Are aggressive and easily frustrated


About Doorways LLC.

Doorways LLC is a faith-based counseling organization in Phoenix, Arizona, that provides comprehensive outpatient treatment focused exclusively on adolescents, young adults and their families. Therapists at Doorways specialize in treatment for eating disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, depression, ADD/ADHD, self-harm, suicide and more.  For more information, visit, or call 602-997-2880.