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april-fools1Many years ago I worked in an office of law enforcement personnel and they were some of the biggest pranksters I’ve ever met.  We had running competitions to see who could out prank each other.  Here are my top 10 office pranks from those days, just in time for April Fool’s Day!  If you tell anyone where you got them, I’ll have to hurt ya!

10.       My  world is upside down! Turn everything in your boss’s office upside down, and rearrange it in the same place that it was.

9.         “Stolen car!” If someone in the office has a small car such as a Prius, MiniCooper or VW, a few people might be able to lift it up or push it to another place in the parking lot.  Lots of hilarious laughter as they look for their stolen car.  (Note:  watch out, some people get really mad!)

8.         Mail a letter to China. This works if your assistant’s middle name is gullible.  Find a company that has a local and a Chinese office.  Print out the address to the Chinese office, written in Chinese.  Give your assistant a letter to send to the person in China.  Make sure you tell your assistant to transcribe the Chinese letters perfectly so the post office in China can read the address.

7.         Just in time. Change all the clocks in the office to be one hour ahead or one hour behind.  To make this work, you’ve got to get the phones and computers too!

6.         It had to be you! Replace artwork on office walls with “Wanted Posters” of the boss.  Bonus if you happen to work an office where portraits are hung instead.  Replace the faces with those of your coworkers.  Write captions.

5.         Car for sale. List an office worker’s car for sale in the classified section of Craigslist or one of the car buyer magazines.  Make sure you use their phone number.

4.         Fake food. If you feel creative make people cookies out of a recipe for dog biscuits.  Funny thing is, your coworkers might not know the difference!!

3.         Eeek a mouse!! Put lifelike rubber mice, bugs or snakes in the desk drawers or kitchen drawers.  Bonus points if your victim jumps up on a chair!

2.         What’s wrong with the phone? Put clear tape the telephone.  There are lots of ways you can do this.  Tape the mouthpiece so that the caller doesn’t hear them, or put tape on the earpiece so they can’t hear the caller.  Another good one if you have the right type of phone is to tape down the clicker on the receiver so instead of receiving the call when the handset is picked up, the phone continues to ring and ring.

1.       Is it snowing? This is my favorite office prank.  Collect the dots from the three-hole punch.  Put them in a container and hang them over a door.  When the person opens the door, the dots fall all over him or her, and all over the floor.  For added fun, put dots in drawers, dots in files, dots in briefcases and anywhere where they have a good chance of falling out and making a big mess!

(photo courtesy: joeltelling)