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Some of the most popular Android apps of 2012 as curated by Robert Scoble. Image via CrunchBase

I’ve had both the iPhone and the Android phone and I went back to my Android when I recently purchased a Samsung S3.  Although I liked that iPhone has more apps, I don’t like having to download them from itunes. I also don’t like the fact that you quickly use up space on the icloud resulting in having to pay for more storage space.

So if you’re a fan of the Android platform like I am, here is a list of apps that you will enjoy.  Let me know if there’s any that you like that are not on the list. This list was originally curated by Robert Scoble.

Here’s a note for business marketers why this post is important: 85% of Americans own mobile phones and 50% of those phones are smart phones.  The trend toward smart phone usage is continually increasing and will have a powerful impact on your business.  Are you prepared?
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