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I just finished updating my menu of rates and services and posting it on my website.  Some marketers call me foolish for doing this.

They say that posting my marketing rates and services menu:

  • Makes my company more vulnerable to competitors who can meet or beat my prices.
  • Gives too much information away
  • Makes you lose out on the opportunity to connect with a potential new customer
  • Is just a bad idea

However, I’ve found that none of the above is true.  Here’s why.
The number one reason people use the internet is to gather information.  And for many people, the top information that they want is whether or not they can afford it.
Posting my rates online answers that all important pricing question.  At the same time, it prequalifies people.  As much as I would like to help every business in the world, I just can’t afford to.  I prefer to work with those people who can afford to pay me.
It’s my opinion that not posting your rates online does more harm than good.  Because if a potential client can’t easily get the information that they are looking for about your company from your website, they will quickly go somewhere else, with never a thought of you again.

Now many business owners will say, I can’t post my rates online because they are so custom!
Well this is what I recommend.  Put up a sample client package.  Be clear that it’s only a sample, but then clearly outline the services you provided for them and at what price.  Doing this will give prospects a context to know whether or not to take the all important next step, that is, to contact you.

Have any thoughts on posting your rates online?  I’d welcome your opinion.