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You don't have to floss all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep.

You don't have to floss all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep.

My dentist friends have a saying, You don’t have to floss all your teeth regularly, only the ones you want to keep.”  The same is true for marketing your business.  You’ve got to be out there marketing on a regular basis to keep your business healthy and strong for as long as you want to keep your business.

The problem we think that marketing has to be expensive to be effective.  The opposite is true.  The most effective marketing strategies are the ones that are low cost, or even free.  But just like flossing your teeth, you need to be marketing your business on a regular and consistent basis if you want to keep it.

And there is ONE marketing tool, that when used on a regular basis, will bring new customers in the door to your business and explode your profits, guaranteed! The problem is most business owners don’t want to use it.

It’s “the Telephone!”

Okay I admit it; I’m guilty of this too!  I hate to pick up the telephone to even call my mother!  Is that bad or what?  But the truth of it is, the telephone is the most effective and low cost marketing tool we have, because IT WORKS!!

Here’s three ways that we can use the telephone to gain to customers and explode our business, regardless of what business we’re in.

1.       “Let’s get together!”   As a former financial advisor, I was successful in one of the most difficult industries in the world for close to 7 years.  “Let’s get together,” is the one sentence that enabled me to build a successful business from scratch.

I mean let’s face it, no one was clamoring to call me (or most anyone) to buy life insurance or investments.  So every time I met a new person that I felt I had established a rapport, I called them and invited them to lunch or coffee, just to get to know them better.

This worked well because most of my clients were business owners.  I filled my calendar, made new friends, gained new clients and strategic partners, and even bought from them too.

2.I just want to follow up.” During my last check up, my dentist found a new cavity.  I said, “I don’t have my calendar, so I’ll call you to set an appointment.”  That was three months ago and I still haven’t called.  How many people have told you the same thing?  “I’ll give you a call.”

If you want your appointment calendar filled up with new customers and prospects, you’ve got to call people and set the appointment, because I guarantee you, they are not in a hurry to call you, even though they need you. Don’t wait until they call you, you call them!

3.      “I just called to say thank you!” Nido Qubein, who is absolutely one of the most successful business owners in the world, has implemented a “5 a day” connection strategy.  Every day he calls five of his top prospects, friends, or clients, just to say “thank you” for some way they have contributed to him or to others.  Of course, he’s not doing it to get a sale, he’s doing it to show he cares, and this is why it works.  People want to do business with people they know, like and trust, and what better way to help them know, like, and trust you than by giving them a call?

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, “The Telephone” is THE most effective marketing tool in your tool kit, and if you use it on a regular basis, it will explode your business and bring in new profits, guaranteed.

Would you like some more ideas on how to use the telephone to grow your business?  Email me and I’ll send you a list of my favorite “How to Use the Telephone” resources.