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Photo by Kathy Bushouse, via Twitter.

Whether you watch it or not, the Super Bowl has become an American tradition. And it’s also become one of the most successful marketing events of the year. Thanks to the Super Bowl, many businesses will rake in and spend millions of dollars!

This video highlights some interesting facts about the Super Bowl as it shows just exactly how some businesses are cashing in. There’s an important marketing lessons that we can learn here.

Hitch yourself to a star.. The star here is the Super Bowl.  It’s the talk of the media, the watercooler and more.  If you want to get your company noticed, then get in on the action.  Depending on what type of business you own, you could offer a special SuperBowl themed promotion or special.    If that’s not appropriate to your business, host a Super Bowl party and invite your best clients, or better yet, host an “Anti-Super Bowl” party.  Make it fun!

Watch this video and pay attention to what some companies are doing, and then start thinking about what you could do next year in your business!