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Special Guest Post by Tanya Gagnon, Owner of Miss Details Design

September 2011 Calendar by Miss Details Design

Seasonal Branding is another creative marketing idea that business owners can use to build buzz. Image credit: Miss Details Design

As fall approaches, we are noticing seasonal changes in brands. Starbucks launched a campaign to offer their Pumpkin Spice Latte to one city before all others. In addition to special product offerings, Starbucks changes the cups they use on November 1st. Starbucks also creates a buzz around their seasonal changes, and encourages consumers to be excited about product offerings. The ad campaign,  and excitement that Starbucks generates in the fall creates brand momentum and leads to higher sales in the fall and winter months.

Launching a seasonal campaign can add value by giving a brand a fresh look and feel, while expanding a brand’s personality. For example, our Miss Details Design mark is dressed in different outfits according to seasons. A seasonal campaign can also increase sales in slower months, as Kleenex did with their fruit-shaped boxes for summer shown here.

But, if a company takes seasonal branding too far it can harm the brand. Changing too much, too quickly can confuse the consumer and dilute brand image. When a brand adds seasonal elements to its website, it may be frustrating to the consumer by making the site more difficult to navigate or understand. Brands should avoid effects like a downpour of snow that covers the site’s content, or altering a logo so that it is completely unrecognizable for seasonal purposes. It is important to remember that people want change, but not too much at one time.

Miss Details Design is the leading sensory design firm for service-related businesses with an emphasis in the hospitality industry. We position our clients to connect with their audience and develop brand recognition, understanding, and excitement by defining and drawing attention to the distinct essence that makes each business unique.  For more information go to

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