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Wendy Kenney, Marketing Speaker, Bestselling author Publicity Expert

Wendy Kenney, President of 23 Kazoos “Building Buzz for Auto Repair Shops Through Digital Marketing”

Congratulations! You have just downloaded one of the most successful auto repair shop marketing campaigns that have ever been done! When used correctly, it can generate 5 figures or more in new sales for your shop!

Your download includes three fill-in-the-blank templates. (Click link to download).

The key to success of this auto repair shop marketing campaign is that you need to make the dollar value of the check irresistible enough that your customers would be crazy not to pass it up!!

I recommend you use a dollar amount that ends in the number 7 such as $39.67 as 7’s have been proven to increase response rates in marketing and I recommend that you use a dollar amount greater than $25.