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Mother's Day is the Most Popular Holiday to Dine Out in America

Mother’s Day is the Most Popular Holiday to Dine Out in America

Every now and then I like to brainstorm story ideas that can be of value to journalists. Here are some Mother’s Day story ideas. If you are a journalist, feel free to use these, no need to contact me. If you would like to see if I have any experts available that can help with any of the stories you are working on, check out my experts page.

Facts about Mother’s Day:

  • Mother’s Day was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis in 1908 who then campaigned to make it a national holiday: Source:
  • Mother’s Day always falls on the second Sunday in May.
  • Mother’s Day is the most popular holiday to dine out in the US, with 80 million Americans expected to eat out. Source: National Restaurant Association
  • Mother’s Day is the 2nd largest  consumer spending holiday in the US. Source: National Retail Federation
  • Mother’s Day is the 3rd largest greeting card sending holiday in the US. Source:

Mother’s Day Story Ideas

  • Mother’s Making a Difference
  • The Changing Face of Mom (then and now)
  • Just How Healthy is that Mother’s Day Brunch?
  • Healthy Mother’s Day Choices
  • The Worst Foods on The Mother’s Day Brunch Table
  • How to Make Healthy Choices at the Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet
  • Kids Reveal The Funny things that Moms Say (Done in the style of Kids Say the Darndest Things)