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Free Mother's Day Earrings for Mother's Day 2012 from the Arizona Diamondbacks

Mother's Day Marketing Idea: The Arizona Diamondbacks are giving away free earrings to the first 5,000 moms who attend the game at Chase Field on Mother's Day 2012.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th, 2012, and is a great opportunity for business owners to bring in new business with a targeted marketing effort.  For some businesses Mother’s Day can be a real “cash cow!” Here are five creative ideas for super successful Mother’s Day marketing campaigns from real small businesses just like yours.

1. Promote Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

One way to tailor your marketing to Mother’s Day is to create something special that is just for Mother’s Day or package your product in a way that makes it a great gift idea for Mom.  Amanda Koraska from Flat Creek Estate Winery & Vineyard told me about a great idea they had last year that helped them double their sales for Mother’s Day.  They often do custom wine labels for weddings and translated that idea in a way that allowed them to offer a once in a lifetime Mother’s Day gift.  As part of their annual Mother’s Day brunch, they hosted a family photo shoot at the vineyard and used the pictures to create custom wine labels that could be placed on a guest’s favorite bottle of wine.

Another great way to help people shop for Mom while also building buzz for your business is to create a Mother’s Day Shopping Guide like the Daily Venus Diva did last year.  Stephanie Penn-Danforth says that by dedicating a shopping guide to Mother’s Day gift ideas and promoting it with a press release; they were able to bring more customers to their online retail store.

Debra Cohen from the Homeowner Referral Network created a special package specifically for husbands to give their wives for Mother’s Day.  For any package purchased as a Mother’s Day gift, she offered an additional 3 hours of consultation for free increasing the value of the purchase.

2. Hold a Mother’s Day Contest

Sarah Plasky from Aquavation suggested that you hold a Mother’s Day Contest.  You could ask them to submit their favorite “Mom Memories” to be entered in a drawing and then feature their entries as a post on your blog.  Entrants will share their “featured post” on your website with everyone they know which drives people to your website and increases visibility.

Other Mother’s Day contest ideas include holding a Mother-Daughter look-alike contest, Mom of the Year, Win Something for Your Mom, Why My Mom Rocks, and Mother’s Day Makeovers.

3. Offer a Mother’s Day Freebie with Purchase

This is a popular Mother’s Day marketing idea.  Whatever you offer, make sure that it’s something that moms want (or people want to give to their moms).  You can offer a free dessert, free flower, free drink, free appetizer, free sample, free cash (think Kohls or Old Navy) and more.  The Arizona Diamondbacks has a Mother’s Day promotion every year.  This year they are giving away a free pair of Arizona Diamondbacks themed earrings to the first 5,000 moms in attendance.

4. Offer Mother’s Day Themed Items for Sale

Create a special “Mother’s Day” offering.  Flancer’s Restaurant in Gilbert, Arizona, has created a special Mother’s Day Brunch this year.  Having a Mother’s Day Special offer of any time can create excitement and sales for your business.

5. Create Content Featuring Moms

If you want to do something more subtle than hang big signs or banners touting your Mother’s Day sale, you can create content about mothers, for mothers, or celebrating mothers.  If you are a photographer, you could create a photo display featuring local mothers or offer free Mother/Daughter pictures on your Facebook page and then feature each picture in the days leading up to Mother’s Day.   Rachael Cook of The Yogipreneur generated several hundred leads for her business last year by creating a series of video Skype interviews with her favorite mama-preneurs – women who have built + run small businesses while raising young children.  The videos were featured on her blog and on her YouTube channel and were a big hit.

There are many more marketing ideas that you could do on Mother’s Day to build buzz for your business.  What are some of your ideas?