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Memorial Day Story Ideas

80% of Americans don’t know the true meaning of Memorial Day. Photo: Sitka National Historic Cemetary, Sitka, Alaska, Credit: Wendy Kenney

Every now and then I like to brainstorm story ideas that can be of value to journalists. Here are some Memorial Day story ideas. If you are a journalist, feel free to use these, no need to contact me. If you would like to see if I have any experts available that can help with any of the stories you are working on, check out my experts page.

Memorial Day Story Ideas

  • Remembering MIAs on Memorial Day
    • 83, 282 men and women are still counted as “Missing in Action” from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Cold War, and the 1991 Gulf War.  Find out more about these MIA’s and what our government and other organizations are doing to find them.  Source:
  • 80% of People Don’t Know What Memorial Day is All About. Have we Lost the True Meaning? Source:
  • Remembering our Military: Local Families Who’ve Lost Their Military Spouse, Partner, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister ,etc. in the last year.
  • Carrying On After Our Loved One Is Gone: Stories Of Military Families
  • Memorial Day on the Lake: Swimmers and Boaters Beware of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (Other Dangers)
  • The Shortage of Buglers Means Many Veterans Have a Recorded Version of Taps Rather Than Live
  • Memorial Day Travel, How to Make Sure You’re Vehicle is Safe for a Road Trip (Automotive Experts Available)
  • 7 Ways to Honor the Meaning of Memorial Day