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Our family is skipping Christmas this year.  No, we’re not taking the money and going on a Caribbean cruise like the Kranks did in the movie “Skipping Christmas.”

My husband was laid off in 2008.  He got a job recently that lasted 7 weeks then got laid off again.

On top of that, I did was many people would consider foolish.  I left my somewhat established career as a financial advisor to start a new business, at the same time my husband was laid off.

Business has been good, but not good enough to replace two incomes.  There just isn’t enough to go around.  Choices have had to be made.

And through it all, I’ve discovered what really matters now.

The kids are going through our house, looking for things we can sell:  Video games they don’t play anymore, the exercise machine that sits in the garage, even Chaz’s bed because it’s way too small for his 6 foot frame, and he really needs a new bed.  I told them that whatever money we came up with we would use for Christmas.

Suddenly they are quite motivated!

They’ve listed these things on Craigslist.  Everytime they get an email they get giddy.  So far we made $65, not quite enough to get a bed, but it’s a start.

The kids seem to be okay with it.  I think it’s a good thing, they are finding out what really matters.

I hope you get to find out too.  Bad times aren’t all bad.  This one has been a good lesson for all of us.

PS.  Here’s a free e-book called What Matters Now.. Written by the likes of Seth Godin and Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert, it’s a nice little gift to start off the new year. Feel free to post in on your blog, tweet about it and share it as much as you like.   The goal is to get it out to 5,000,000 people.  Enjoy!