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Wendy Kenney, Marketing Expert, Marketing Speaker,

Best Marketing Reads This Week:  Why You Need Facebook For Your Company

Every Sunday I spend an hour on Google Reader catching up with all my favorite blogs.  This week I found some great posts that will help you build buzz for your business!  Do something different in your business and have a successful week!

Why You Need Facebook for Your Company

If you haven’t jumped on Facebook yet this article gives about 11 reasons why you should and how to make Facebook work for your business.

What Buyers Want From Your Website,

90% of people go to the Internet first when they are in need of a product or service.   This post has some valuable info on what they are looking for.  This information can help you to turn lookers into buyers.

Marketing Tips for Using Google Buzz,

This week the world is all abuzz about Google Buzz, the new social media application launched by Google in connection with the Google Email account.  It seems to be an integration of the functionality of both Twitter and Facebook.

I like it because it allows you to comment directly to someone’s post and therefore remain in the same conversation.  You don’t have to guess what the other person is commenting about.  I see it as a valuable tool for gaining valuable feedback from your customers, prospects and business partners.