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Looking for some ideas for marketing and PR for June?

Father's Day Marketing Ideas

Tie your marketing and PR into a holiday like Father’s Day and you could see some nice results! Photo credit: Kevin Dooley via Flickr.Com.

Here’s a tip:

Tie your marketing and PR into a timely holiday such as Father’s Day, people are already thinking about the holiday and it’s a good way to capture their attention and turn it toward your business.  Tweet this

Marketing ideas include:

Have a Father’s Day promotion:  Offer a special just for dads and then spread the word in your email newsletter, in your social media, and in your advertising.  Restaurants can offer a free dessert or appetizer; auto repair shops can offer a free air filter or alignment, or coupon for a free oil change on your next service.

In businesses such as healthcare, insurance of financial services, you’re limited by law as to what you can give away, so you’ll need to be creative.  Perhaps you give away promotional items such as BBQ gear, golf hats, American Flags, etc. Check with your compliance or legal department before you do anything.

Here’s the key to getting local publicity around your Father’s Day or other promotion:  It’s got to be a BIG and newsworthy event! For example, giving away a free dessert at your restaurant might get you media attention, but giving away a free meal to all dads on Father’s Day is a Bigger and Better idea and more likely that the media would jump on it.

The media love to spotlight restaurants that are giving away free food because everyone eats, however, if you own a service business and you want to get PR around the holiday you’re probably going to have to be a little bit more creative.  With that in mind, a contest can be a good opportunity to gain publicity in June or around Father’s Day.  What’s important about your contest is that is has to appeal to a broad number of people and the prize has to be good (meaning valuable).  Better yet, tie your contest around a charity.  For example, an auto repair shop could give away a car that they’ve refurbished to a worthy dad that people nominate via social media or online.

I hope my ideas spur you on to create your own.  Here’s a list of  more June holidays that you could use in your marketing and PR.


June is

  1. Entrepreneurs Do it Yourself Marketing Month
  2. International Men’s’ Month
  3. Father’s Day- June 16th
  4. June Dairy Month
  5. Camping Month
  6. Candy Month
  7. Ice Tea Month
  8. National Tire Safety Week: 2-8
  9. National Automotive Service Professionals Week: 9-16
  10. Flag Week: 9-15
  11. National Go Barefoot Day: 1
  12. National Bubba Day: 2
  13. National Cancer Survivors Day: 2
  14. National Trails Day: 1 (First Saturday)
  15. Donut Day: 7-8  (First Fri.-Sat. in June)
  16. Corn on the Cob Day: 11
  17. Flag Day: 14
  18. World Juggling Day: 15
  19. Father’s Day 16th
  20. American Eagle Day: 20
  21. Dump The Pump Day: 20
  22. Recess At Work Day: 20
  23. Take Your Dog To Work Day: 21