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I got this email today and I thought it was so good that I wanted to share it with you!  I got his permission to share it!  (The names were changed to protect the innocent!)

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Hi Wendy!

Just wondering if you could help me with a small domestic problem. I have a personal blog devoted to what’s going on for friends and family. I have about 20 to 30 friends and family who read it. The blog also feeds into my Facebook Page.  Anyway, my wife thinks this is a great security risk and I shouldn’t be doing it. I do not talk about my job using the company name nor do I say anything bad about them. I do not discuss very deep personal matters of my life, just the superficial ones. I put a photo online of a place we will be moving into but didn’t give an address. Anyway, my wife thinks some malicious hacker will come in and steal our identity and ruin our life. Is there any way you can give her some assurance our life won’t be ruined by me being a blogger? I’ve posted nearly 1000 times over the past three years and nothing’s happened that I can see.


A Minnesotan in Arizona.


Hi Minnesotan in Arizona!

This is a perfect question!  I appreciate you asking!

There is always that risk when you put yourself out there on the Internet, anywhere you go…  Facebook, Linked-In, Google, it’s all out there.  However, I totally understand where your wife is coming from.  My family uses a website called to share things like this.  The cool thing about is that it’s password protected, and it allows anyone in your family to create their own family pages, blogs, etc.  We have a large extended family and it’s kept us in contact for over 10 years!

As far as blogging, I don’t see any greater risk than shopping with a credit card, or writing a check, because the fact is, every time you put your information in someone else’s hand, there’s a potential for wrongdoing.

So here’s a few things you can do to protect yourself.

  • Check your credit report annually.  You can get a free one at (this is the government approved one) that I have used, and have recommended for years.
  • Subscribe to a service like Lifelock.
  • Use a password protected platform like to share info about your family

We should continue to be aware of the risks that are out there, but I wouldn’t let it stop you from blogging.


The Queen of Buzz