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I think we all struggle with asking for referrals.  And for some, it’s even harder during tough times.  But referrals should be a key strategy in filling our marketing pipeline because you already have built in trust and credibility from the person who referred them!

So here is an idea to boost your referrals, and turn your customers into your best salesforce ever!

Give Them a Party!

Here’s how this works:  When you’ve finished helping youir client, send them a party in a box. Fill a gift basket full of wine, crackers, or whatever is appropriate with a little note encouraging them to invite their friends over!  Make sure you say in the note, “If your guests love your new _____, make sure you give them my number!”  Include some extra business cards in the box.

Giving your new customers a party in a box helps them throw a whole party to talk about you.  Here’s a few specific examples.

  • A Realtor or Mortgage Producer: Housewarming Party!
  • Home Services: Remodeling, Painting, New Pool, Carpet Cleaning, Home Organizing, Home Staging, etc.   Love my Home Party!
  • Beauty and Image Consultants: Makeover Party! or Come see the new me party!
  • Financial Professionals: Retirement Party!
  • Anyone: UNBirthday Party!

What do you do to turn your customers into your best salesforce ever?  Share your ideas with me via email and you will be entered to win the book:  The Networking Guy’s 50 Top Tips:  A Simple Guide to Networking Success.

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