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How to Increase Your Website Rank on Google with New Google My Business

Use the new Google My Business and watch your website ranking and traffic increase.

A new platform was just announced  for business owners looking to increase their website ranking on Google. Called “Google My Business.” This platform is actually a consolidated dashboard which makes it easier to manage your business listings on Google Places, Google Pages, and Google Maps. If you already have listings on these platforms then you will be upgraded to the new Google My Business platform.

If you don’t have your business listed on Google Places, then I highly recommend you create or claim your business on Google now! When you do, your business will get enhanced features such as reviews, photos, videos and more that will help increase your ranking in Google.

One of the most important features on Google My Business is the ability to share status updates from one easy-to -use dashboard. This is important because Google indexes Google Plus when looking for content and this content tends to show up more quickly and more prominently in search.

Once you have created or claimed your business on Google My Business, you’ll want to optimize it for search.

  1. Make sure your business listing is complete. This is important to your rankings. As you are filling out your listing, Google will let you know how “complete” your listing is by giving you a message at the top of your screen indicating that your profile is whatever percentage completed. A complete listing will include filling out all required text fields such as business name, address, website, etc., as well as optional text fields such as “brands carried.”
  2. Include correctly labeled photos. The previous Google Places business listing only allowed you to post 10 photos but now you can post unlimited photos. Make sure that all of your photos are labeled correctly. Don’t just upload a photo that’s labeled “photo 1.jpg” or some other meaningless name. Name the photo according to the subject, i.e., “Virginia Auto Service, Service Advisor, Randy Jones.jpg”  All text is searchable on Google so that’s why you want to make sure that the text labels of these photos make sense to Google as well as customers.
  3. Use keywords and phrases in your business description. When describing your business in your listing uses phrases that your potential customers are using such as “auto repair in downtown Phoenix” “brake repair West Chester” etc. Don’t keyword stuff meaning don’t use the same keyword over and over. It’s important that your description is easy for a human to read.

If you’re not sure about what keywords and phrases to use, a good way to research is to go to Google and type in your term or phrase such as “auto repair” but before you click “enter,” you’ll see a bunch of phrases that Google automatically suggested based on what’s commonly searched for.

Claiming your business listing on Google My Business is just one of the many free ways to get your business found on Google.  If you would like more tips about how to get your website found on Google, read my latest article; 19 Ways to Increase Your Website Ranking on Google.