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Content Marketing is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy, and one way to get inbound leads is through Facebook. However, Facebook recently changed the visibility of business pages in newsfeeds resulting in decreased visibility for many business pages. There are a few ways to overcome the changes so that your Facebook page gets more views and probably the best way is to make sure that your fans are engaged with your posts on your page. This Guide to Facebook Marketing gives valuable tips on how to get your fans engaged so that your visibility is increased.  Remember, Visibility + Credibility= Profitability. Tweet this


Facebook Content Marketing Tips-InfographicFacebook Posting Tips to Maximize Engagement Tweet this

  • Write short posts. Three or less lines on a Facebook post gets 60% more likes, shares, and comments.
  • Post insider info to make your fans feel in the know.
  • Link to articles your fans care about.
  • Post Facebook-only specials: giveaways, offers, coupons, etc.
  • Position yourself as a problem solver.
  • Announce product launches on Facebook first.
  • Give early access to sales.
  • Post photos and videos to generate 180% more engagement.
  • Use bold visuals.
  • Ask for feedback on your products and promotions.
  • Include a call to action such as “like”, “click” or “Please share”
  • Share posts from your fans.
  • A fill-in-the-blank post gets 90% more engagement.

Curator: John Kremer