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Many people are surprised to hear that a popular Hollywood couple is calling it quits after 30 years, but not Valley attorney Scott David Stewart. He’s seeing more older couples divorce for a variety of reasons. 

(Phoenix, AZ) September 2012 – While a weak economy has forced many couples to stay together, that’s not the case with Baby Boomers. In 1990, only one in ten people getting a divorce was over 50. In 2009, it was one in four. And, according to a national survey by the AARP, women are most often behind the breakups, with 66 percent of women reporting that they asked for the divorce compared to 41 percent of men.

Phoenix family law attorney Scott David Stewart finds several reasons behind the increase, “People are living longer and don’t want to stay in an unhappy relationship, some couples are ready to divorce now that the children are older, and women are earning more money than their mothers and are better able to take care of themselves.”

Still, divorcing later in life often brings unique financial challenges. The average boomer couple has a net worth nearly 50 times that of a couple in their 20’s. Reaching agreement involves more than who gets the house, car and dog. There’s also alimony, IRA’s, mutual funds, pensions, health insurance and the kids’ college costs.

Scott is available for live or recorded interviews to discuss the boom in boomer divorces.


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