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Many years ago I gave up goals and resolutions after making them and breaking them quicker than I could recite the Declaration of Independence while juggling flaming knives.   But now I have found a system that absolutely works, and it’s called “Intentions.”

The problem with goals is that they are too much like dreams or wishes…  In my mind, they are a nice little idea that I would LIKE to have (like I would like to have a million dollars) but don’t really have an absolute expectation that they I WILL have.

How many times have you wished upon a star; wished as you blew out your birthday candles, or held your breath and made a wish as you drove over a bridge or through a tunnel?  Did you ever really EXPECT your wishes to come true?

The dictionary defines goal as a “wish that one means to carry out.”   An intention is defined as “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result…a determination to achieve something.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer defines it nicely in his book, The Power of Intention, by stating that an intention is a “strong purpose or an aim, accompanied by a determination to carry it out.”

The difference then between having goals and intentions is ACTION and DETERMINATION. It’s not about what I would LIKE to have, but it’s about what I WILL DO.

Dr. Dyer goes on to say that “people driven by intention are described as having a strong will that won’t let anything interfere with achieving their inner desire.”

Think about a time when your will to achieve something was so strong that you wouldn’t back down or give up no matter what.  With goals and resolutions, we have a tendency to give up too easily.

I can remember some of my intentions in my life.  One of them was to graduate from college.  It was a lifelong intention and I accomplished it during one of the most difficult times in my life; while I was going through a divorce, raising my three little boys who were all under the age of 6, and working, all at the age of 35…  I don’t think it could have gotten much harder than that unless I would have had 8 kids!  And not only did I intend on graduating from college, but my intention was to do it was straight A’s!!!!  And I did!!  Talk about hard work!  There were many times that I wished I could quit.  But I didn’t, and I graduated summa cum laude in 2002 from Arizona State University.

So as I ring in 2010, I’m putting out a list of my intentions for the coming year.  Please share yours too!  Email me and I’ll check in with you to see how you’re doing.

My 2010 Intentions:

1.         Publish my book Buzz:  How to market you small business with little or no cash.” by January 30th.

2.         Break six figures by the end of first quarter ..

3.         132 pounds..

4.         Speak at 5 national conferences, 3 local conferences.

5.         Launch a new business…  (top secret!)

6.         Feel better…

7.         Be a better wife, mother, friend.. (need to figure out how to do this.)

8.         Spend time with God on a daily basis.  Focus on my spiritual life.  Tithe 10%

9.         Stop doing everything on my own..ask for help, develop business and personal partnerships..

Follow me, and I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, don’t forget to share your intentions.