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I consider Neal Patel one of the foremost SEO Experts in the universe.  Here’s one of his recent posts about How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website.

According to Neal, Google uses over 200 ranking factors in its algorithm that decides where your website ranks. Here are just a few of those factors.

  1. Is your keyword in the domain?  So for example if you sell shoes  you should have the word “shoes” in your domain. I see this factor not as important to Google as it used to be, however. Just do your own search and see what I mean.
  2. What are the prevalent keywords in the headings and in the copy?  This is where many people get tripped up.  If you’re selling shoes, make sure it’s clearly stated.
  3. Age/quality of backlinks. Backlinks are links coming from other sites to yours. If an established, authoritative site like Forbes links to you, that has more credibility than getting a link from a low quality site like
  4. Social shares: Social shares on Facebook are more important than likes. Also, missing in this infographic, but factored into Google ranking factors are Google Plus shares.
  5. Optimized Images: Make sure your images have titles and descriptions and use an image with every blog post.

Here are the rest of the ranking factors that will help you get top rankings in Google.



How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout