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Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and Wendy Kenney, Marketing Speaker

I’ve been a professional speaker for many years and it’s been a tremendous boon to my business.  In any given year, speaking generates at least 30% of my new clients.   But you don’t need to be a professional marketing speaker to leverage speaking in your business.

Speaking is one of the most powerful marketing tools anyone can use and it’s easy.

1.  It can establish you as an expert.

2.  Sets you apart from the competition.

3.  Takes away the fear of buying from you.

4.  Makes your phone ring.

5.  Increases your value..

And on and on and on.

So where do you speak?  How do you get speaking gigs?    Here’s the quick and easy process.

1.  Tell everybody you’re available to speak.

2.  Volunteer to be a guest speaker for any groups that you currently belong to.

3.  Ask your best friends/clients to attend a workshop that you put on.  Ask for their feedback and advice.  If you’re good, they will let you know.  Tell them you need introductions to the groups that they attend.

4.  Speak anywhere and everywhere to start.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the group is.  You need the practice, and you need to add groups to your speaking resume.

5.  Speak often.  Momentum creates momentum.  I find that the more I speak, the more I speak.

6.  Join an organization to hone your skills, Toastmasters is a good one, but many networking organizations have member speakers also.  This is a good place to practice in a safe environment.

Speaking has been one of the most powerful strategies that I have used to grow my business, and I know it will work for you too.

What are your experiences with speaking?  How do you get speaking gigs?  I would love to hear from you!