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I rarely swear, so when I do, you know I’m mad.  And I’m sure I’m not not the only one.

Recently GM has announced that they are reinventing themselves.  They’ve even launched a new website to prove it:  GMReinvention.

Look at their website you tell me if you think they’ve reinvented themselves.  It features photos and videos of big fat cats in pin-striped suits.  The tabs read:  “Our Mission,”  “Our Vehicles,” “Our Company.”  I’m sorry GM, America just gave you billions of dollars of taxpayer money.  It should read “America’s Mission”  “America’s Vehicles,” and “America’s Company.”

Frankly, these guys just don’t get it.  And until they do, I’m not wasting another dime on them.

Here’s an open letter that I wrote to GM regarding their so-called “Reinvention.”  What are your thoughts?

Dear GM:

I am so disappointed in your company that it’s going to take a lot to get me to come back. It’s not about fancy websites, advertisements or stimulus packages, it’s about people. And Frankly GM, I don’t think you give a damn.

As a major US company, you have a responsibility to millions of people! The way back to my heart is to put America back to work, make affordable, quality products that people want to buy, and act like you really care about the little guy.

PS. I drive a Chevy Trailblazer, but unless you make it up to America, my next car is going to be a Toyota.

What do you want to say to GM?  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed!