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“Companies that blog typically have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t, which means more search engine traffic.”

-Neil Patel, Founder of Kissmetrics

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. As a marketer I have seen what blogs do for website traffic. It’s absolutely true that having a blog that publishes valuable content increases your search engine visibility and leads. However in order for your blog to be successful you need to not only produce quality content, but quality content on a consistent basis.

Sadly this is where many companies fall short! I put 23 Kazoos in this list because even though we provide blogging services for many companies and we create quality content on a consistent basis, we don’t blog consistently for 23 Kazoos!! I can name a bunch of reasons why we don’t blog on a consistent basis. For one because I am the founder of the company I feel that it’s my voice that needs to be in blog. But I’m so busy running this company and helping other companies with their marketing and PR that my own marketing falls short. In addition, I’ve neglected to set aside consistent quiet time so I can write!!

Neil Patel certainly practices what he preaches. He publishes new blog content on search engine optimization every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, almost without fail. And his content is valuable!

The infographic below is from his latest blog post “Why Every Business Should Blog” and makes a compelling case for business blogging.

If you need help with business blogging, there are many places where you can hire writers to help including  If you need help or advice for your business blog, feel free to call me.. or contact Neil Patel! He’d be happy to help too! 🙂



Why Every Business Should Blog
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout