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Wendy Kenney, Marketing Expert, Marketing Speaker,

I hope you had a great holiday!! I know for many people this holiday was a challenge, including us, and frankly I’m glad the holidays are over. In fact, I’m glad 2009 is almost over!!

2009 was quite the year. My husband was laid off over a year ago..and is still looking for work. At the same time, I took a huge leap of faith and left my career in the financial services industry to start my own business in April.

My business is booming. And I’ve gone from 0 to gangbusters in just a few months. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been good.

However, now I’m looking forward to the new year like a clean slate… I’m ready for a fresh start, a new beginning.

Jim Rohn used to say, “After every winter comes the spring.” Even though we feel like this winter of our lives will never end, spring WILL COME.

So are you ready??

Then I invite you to join me and a select group of people like us on January 6th, 2009, for a powerful discussion with people who have been through the hard times and HAVE THRIVED!

I’ve invited Stephanie Frank founder of “Success IQ University” and Dave Sherman, The Networking Guy.. to come share their secrets with us!

You’ll discover:

• 3 Practical Strategies for leveraging your time, resources, and talents.
• Why Networking is “not working” and how to make it work for you (in business and in life)
• How to use social media in your life, and your business..

Plus, I will share what I have done to take my business from 0 to gangbusters, and what I’m doing next to take it to the next level..

What Makes This Event Unique?

This is not your typical lecture. This will be a conversation where YOU will be driving the discussion and discovering exactly what YOU can do NOW to get immediate and lasting results in your life.

Because this is a highly-interactive program, seating is very limited. Please register to reserve your space before all of the seats are filled:

I hope you can make it. Because together, we’re going to make 2010 our best year yet! Are you in?