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Creative Marketing and PR Ideas for JulyThe long hot days of July means that people are getting ready to head out on vacation or hunker down indoors in order to beat the heat.  Don’t let the summer slowdown affect your sales!  With a little planning and creativity, you can make sure your sales are rising right along with the mercury in the thermometer.  Here are some creative ways to keep business flowing instead of settling for the summerslow-down.


Holidays and Events in July


Fourth of July (July 4th) – Get more bang for your marketing buck with a great 4th of July promotion.  Stay true to the red, white, and blue and offer big discounts for military folks and veterans.  If your city has a parade, participate.  If your neighborhood has a block party, set up a booth.  Look for ways to bring your business to the places people are already gathering with their families.


Family Reunion Month – Have a contest over the course of the month that asks people to share a family photo, a family story, some family folklore, or some other interesting thing about their family.  If you set the contest up to run on your social media sites and allow others to vote for their favorite entries, you can boost your fanbase as an added bonus.  Host a family reunion picnic for the winning family and make sure your local paper is on hand to capture the magic.


National Grilling Month – Host a BBQ and invite the neighborhood.  Give your customers and prospective customers the chance to see you in another light and meet the people behind your business.  If you sell a product that is perfect for a BBQ, highlight it, give it away, or throw a contest that requires customers to use it in some creative or innovative way.  You don’t have to be a meat shop or a restaurant to make this theme work for you allmonth long.


National Ice Cream Month – Hire an ice cream truck to hand out free ice cream with a product sample or business card.  Work with a local ice cream shoppe to create a custom ice cream flavor based on your business and then offer certificates for free samples in your shop.  Host an ice cream eating contest and have fun while you help people beat the Arizona heat.


National Make a Difference to Children Month – Partner with other local businesses to raise money for a school, day care, after school program, or the Boys and Girls club.  Consider having a contest where children write an essay, fans and customers vote for their favorite, and the winning child gets a year-long scholarship to dance classes or a karate dojo.  Accept donations of new children’s toys that can be donated to local shelters so that children who don’t have homes can still have birthday presents.


Made in the USA Day (July 2) – Support your local farmers and manufacturing companies across the country by buying products made in the USA and supporting companies who provide jobs to American workers.  If you sell products that are made here, you can use this day as a great opportunity to highlight those products.  Run a promotion that donates a certain amount of money to a patriotic charity for every Made in the USA product purchased on this day.


Get to Know Your Customers Day (July 19) – This day just begs for a customer-based contest that highlights who they are and why they love what you sell.  Offer a great prize and ask customers to make a video or write an essay answering those two questions.  Then let people vote using your social media platforms.  You will get some great insights into who your customers are and why they choose you while also boosting your social media fan base and generating a bunch of buzz for your business. 


Gorgeous Grandma Day (July 23) – This is another day that calls out for a contest.  Have children draw pictures of their gorgeous grandma and hang them all over the store.  Host a gorgeous Grandma pageant.  Have fans and followers submit a paragraph about what makes their grandma gorgeous and then have people vote for their favorites.  Remember, the key to a great contest is a great prize.