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The following infographic about “How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Media” appeared on  As a Phoenix social media marketing agency owner I thought it was interesting to note that that each social media platform has a different type and style of message that appeals to people the most.

Here are some tips from the infographic which was created by UK Social Media Marketing Firm My Clever Agency.


  •  Include images: At 23 Kazoos, we make it a point to include an image in each Facebook post we put out as Facebook posts with images get more enagement overall than posts without images. 
  • Provide a link: With the rise of Facebook graph search, Urls are more searchable than ever.
  • Engage with users:  Ask questions that encourage audience participation such as “My favorite thing about _____ is.”


  •  Tag people. Tagging brands and people encourages them to interact with you.
  • Include large images. Larger pictures grab more attention than smaller ones.


  • Avoid human faces. Images without human faces get repinned 23 %  more often than images with faces.
  • Look for red. Images that are mostly red or orange see twice as many repins as other images.


  • Call to action. Use a clear call to action such as “Please retweet” to let readers know what you want.
  • Shorten URLS. links generate the most retweets.


How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts

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