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(PHOENIX, AZ) October, 2012 –We’ve seen many schools create anti-bullying programs that focus on protecting victims and punishing bullies, but now a study finds the problem might be better addressed in the bedroom.

Researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School collected data on more than 300 elementary school children. They asked parents about each child’s sleep habits and asked both parents and teachers to assess behavioral concerns.

Researchers found children who are bullies or have conduct problems at school are twice as likely to suffer from daytime sleepiness. According to a researcher quoted in the press release this study “raises the possibility that poor sleep, from whatever cause, can indeed play into bullying or other aggressive behaviors.”

The sleepiness experienced by children in the study could be caused by excessive snoring and sleep apnea, too much electronic stimulus like TV’s, computers and cell phones or chaotic home environments.

Patricia Day with Valley Sleep Center is available to discuss the study and how to make sure children get quality sleep, including:

  • Establish a consistent bedtime routine
  • Avoid stimulants like caffeine sugar. Certain snacks containing carbs and protein, like cheese and crackers and peanut butter on toast can cause sleepiness.
  • Removing electronic devices from bedrooms
  • Use dim lighting
  • Create a cool, comfortable bedroom where children feel safe.


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