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Bridgewater, New Jersey (August 16, 2012) – Used car prices are rising as supply has dropped according to Kelly Blue Book. The recent recession, tough economy and credit squeeze are thought to be the cause of fewer people trading in their vehicles.  Buyers who find the price of a new car too steep are finding that there is not much of a break on an older, used model.

So, how do we make the most financial conscious decisions with this new vehicle pricing?  Will a lower sticker price end up costing us more in the end?

Bridgewater Motorworks owner, Greg Burchette is aware that the least expensive cars are not always the least expensive to repair.  Burchette says that the most popular selling vehicles are the least expensive to maintain because shops will have more experience and knowledge working on these more popular vehicles.  On these more popular models, like Toyota and Honda for example, parts will also be more readily available.

Burchette recommends educating yourself and considering a few things when purchasing a vehicle.  First, vehicles that are manufactured to use synthetic-based motor oils can lead to pricier oil changes.  Second, performance and luxury cars will need a higher level of maintenance, thus increasing the cost.  Less popular cars are more expensive to maintain because repair shops may not be as familiar with them and parts may not be readily available.  Burchette also encourages buyers to be knowledgeable about manufacturer’s warranties.  Often, the manufacturer’s goal is to get you through the warranty period without any issues and to do the least amount of maintenance possible; even performing oil changes every 15,000 miles rather than the recommended 3-5,000 miles.  If you plan on keeping the vehicle, be sure to take care of major problems within the warranty period and stick to changing the oil every 3-5,000 miles.

Before you buy, do your research to determine maintenance and repair costs.  Check, consumer reports and talk to your shop.  You can also get in touch with Greg Burchette of Bridgewater Motorworks at


About Bridgewater MOTORWORKS

Since 1998, Bridgewater MOTORWORKS has provided full service automotive repair and service to residents of Somerset County, New Jersey, and the surrounding New York and New Jersey State Areas.  Bridgewater MOTORWORKS offers engine, and transmission replacement and general repair services for all vehicles. And they are the preferred auto service and repair provider for Somerset Medical Center Emergency Medical Services.

Bridgewater MOTORWORKS also features an Express Lube where customers can get their oil changed in as little as 15 minutes.

They are located at 358 Union Ave. in Bridgewater, New Jersey, telephone number (908) 218-9100.  For more information go to