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My husband Mike in our seats at an Arizona Diamondbacks Game. Note, the DBacks won this one against the St. Louis Cardinals, 7-2.

My husband and I love baseball and we’ve always wanted to have season tickets.  So during the Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Fan Fest we decided to take the plunge and buy a weekend ticket package.

We were excited about our purchase, until the season got under way.  As of this writing the Diamondbacks have had a poor run, so far losing more games than they have won, placing them at the bottom of their division.

We are having serious buyer’s remorse.

It’s during tough economic times that people want–no, they desperately crave–experiences that help them feel better. They want good prices, great experiences and companies that care.  But more than that, they want to know that their decision was the right one.

How do you help your clients feel like the purchase they made with you was the right one?   How do you prevent buyer’s remorse?

Looking at all of the empty seats at the Diamondbacks games should give you the answer; simply said, you need to be a winner.  Attendance at Arizona Diamondbacks games is down 17.4%. And they are only one of two teams to have lost money last season.

Compare the attendance at the Diamondbacks games to the recent playoff experience of the Phoenix Suns, and you’ll see what I mean.  Their attendance level was at 95% for the whole season.  Winning sells!

If you own a business the same is true.  Winning makes you win!! Customers will buy more, refer more, and keep coming back for more because they want to be associated with a winner.

So then, what does being a winner mean to you and your business?  What makes your business a winner to your customers?  I would love your comments here!