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I read this blog regularly and I recommend you do too for small business marketing tips and trends.  Adam has the insight about what’s going on in small business marketing…
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It’s that time of year again:  Technorati has started to share content from their annual state of the blogosphere report.  They have spared no expense this year:  instead of polling bloggers in their network to get data (as was the case in the 2008 state of the blogosphere) they have engaged a research firm to add another layer of authority.

Especially telling was some of the data from professional bloggers – that is to say, working professionals writing about their industry (not to be confused with those blogging directly for income, another type of pro blogger).  According to the this year’s report, the benefits of this type of blogging are clear as day:

  • 71% have greater visibility in their industry
  • 63% said clients purchased products and services
  • 56% stated their company was now regarded as a thought leader
  • 40% have been asked to speak at conferences

These stats support many of the reasons your small business should have a blog.  And, despite the explosive growth of real-time services, there remain far more reasons you should blog and not just Tweet.