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Looking for ideas for marketing and publicity in August?  Use some of these.  Here are some examples of things happening for August:

August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Celebrate a unique holiday and nab an interview in the media. Aug 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Photo Credit: Towergirl via

August is:

  • Children’s Eye Health and Safety month
  • Golf month
  • Get ready for Kindergarten month

Weekly Observances:

  • Simplify Your Life Week  1-7
  • National Resurrect Romance Week  5-11
  • Exercise with your Child Week  6-12
  • National Fraud Awareness Week  6-10
  • National Safe at Home Week  27-31

And for those ready to grab the opportunities by the horns, here’s how it’s done:

National Underwear Day is Aug 5 – If you own a lingerie shop, drop by your favourite radio show with the latest and greatest underwear for the hosts.  Everybody is talking about SAXX underwear so why not pre-plan with the producer when you can drop off some gifts to celebrate! (SAXX are men’s underwear with a built-in hammock…and that’s as descriptive as I’ll get. HaHa!)

National Night Out is Aug 7 – Why not find the best cheap dates for cheapskates in your hometown…then call in to your favourite radio show and share your results.

Men’s Grooming Day is Aug 17 – Do a survey on your FB or in your city and ask 100 women what they wish men would do a better job of grooming.  Then create the top 5, and for the rest of the list…drive them to your website! You can get as graphic as you feel comfortable with this topic.  If you want to get on the biggest rock show in town, you can talk men’s grooming…ummm…down…there. See if you’re still reading – you are shocked because you probably haven’t seen this topic on a newsletter…but that’s what radio wants: Something that makes our listeners say, “Wow. Did you hear about that survey on the Wayne Kelly show today!”

National Kiss and Make-up day is Aug 25 – Are you harbouring resentment? Don’t! It’s not good for your health…but how do you move on?  Or you could do another survey and ask 100 women what pisses them off…what’s the last thing their spouse did to piss them off. No Radio Show would turn you away for this interview!


These events thanks to:

Wayne Kelly

Morning Radio Host of the Wayne and Jayne show,
Media and PR Consultant



About Wayne:

Wayne Kelly the host of the Wayne and Jayne show on EZ Rock in The Kootenay Boundary region of BC, Canada.  When off air, Wayne is a media publicity consultant who has helped clients from Ireland, Spain, North Africa, Australia and all over North America, get media attention for their books, services and products.

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