Select Page launches new site, touting the most popular authors, updated hourly.

This week Amazon launched a new feature that is great for Amazon authors and Amazon book buyers alike.  The new feature is called Amazon Author Rank and is provides the same type of ranking information that Amazon has provided for the sale of books through it’s for years.  With this feature in place, the rank of each author in relation to other Amazon authors will be available in a number of locations throughout Amazon’s sales platform.   Think of it as the Billboard Chart of Amazon authors.  Like the Billboard Charts, the author rankings are done by category, so a #5 rank in Business and Investing means that author has the 5th highest paid sales of all authors in the Business and Investing category.

Good for Authors

This new feature gives authors a level of distinction in their own right.   While every writer would love to see their name in the number 1 spot on a bestselling author list, this new feature offers more tangible benefits for authors.  First, if you are an author with significant sales on Amazon but who hasn’t put out a new book in recent months, your ranking may get your previous works in front of buyers who would not have otherwise found you.  Second, for all Amazon authors, author rankings have the potential to duplicate the phenomenon found with Amazon’s Top 100 Book ranking feature where books that make it into the Top 100 see their sales soar.  Third, the author ranking feature offers the opportunity for more exposure to a wider audience.

Good for Buyers

The Amazon Author Rank feature is a boon for buyers because it provides a new view of the author.  It shifts the branding of book sales from the publisher to the author and offers another way to browse for books.

Good to Know

There are a few details that both authors and buyers should understand about the new ranking feature.  First, it only includes Amazon sales.  This means that it is not a picture of an author’s overall success as a commercial writer, but it does provide a good picture of how they are selling on Amazon.  Second, the sales figures used to build the ranking include all paid sales for multiple media formats including Kindle books, physical books, and audio books.  Third, the ranking for an author will only appear within the Amazon buyer experience if they are in the Top 100 overall which includes all sales on Amazon or if they are in the Top 100 in their browse category.  Each author does have access to their ranking through Amazon’s Author Central even if it is not displayed to buyers.

Amazon Author Rank can be seen on the Top 100 Authors list, within a book’s detail page, within the More About the Author widget, on the Author Page for an individual author, and on the Amazon Author Rank page.


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