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The business world is a sea of competition and not all of it is friendly. I asked business owners how they make their businesses stand out in a crowd. Here are some of their answers!

1. Send Your Message In A Unique Package

It’s trickier to get the attention of the decision maker with your message. Two ideas we’ve used that have worked:

*We have emailed a letter to a nearby Pizza restaurant, they printed it out & delivered the pizza (vegan & cheese free since we publish a newspaper on natural preventive health) with our letter taped on top of the box. This idea was a big hit and helped establish the relationship and sale
*Send your info by mail in nice 4 color/gloss file folders (label goes horizontal)

Thanks to Thomas Katovsky of Healthy Referral Newspaper

2. Position Yourself As The Expert In Your Field

I try to not be a jack of all trades. We have a tendency to say, “Oh sure, I can do that”. You quickly find yourself in an over promise, under deliver situation. If you don’t spread yourself too thin, it gives you a chance to perfect the areas that you are really good at. That way you can be THE person in town who is the expert to work with. Be sure to have a list of people you trust to suggest in the fields that you don’t cover. You want to be the person your client consults for referrals!

Thanks to Darlynn Nangano of Little Blog Dress Media

3. Helping Nurses Become Heroes

I recently launched a nurse speaking, training, and consulting business. At first, my sales message looked like the others (telling potential clients I could help improve their nurses’ clinical and professional…etc). Ugh. I looked like a cookie cutter. So, I got to the core of what I was trying to do and simplified my message. I want nurses to believe they are heroes; that making a difference is a choice. What makes me different is I tap into their emotions and help them believe in themselves.

Thanks to Renee Thompson of RTConnections

4. Be Yourself, Have Personality

For many freelancers, we ARE our business. There’s just one person, just us. So, just like in personal relationships, just be yourself. Your business is unique because you are unique. Allow your personality to shine through. You don’t have to be the biggest or the fanciest or the most well-known company to be successful. Just look at me. There are a bazillion web designers in Phoenix. What sets me apart? I treat clients like friends and let them get to know me.

Thanks to Perri Collins of Perri Collins Consulting

5. Glass Vs Nano Technolgy

I have been in the glass industry for over twenty years and started up my company over ten years ago. In Phoenix we have a lot of problems with glass breaking. Rocks and heat adds to our glass breakage claims.

Desert Breeze Glass has an exclusive license with Diamon Fusion glass guard. This coating is applied to the exterior portion of the windshield making it water and rock resistant. We have several insurance agents who have said their glass claims have reduced from the repeat glass offenders since applying DFI to their windshields.

Windshields are still not recyclable we are doing our part to help reduce glass breakage with nano technology. There are over eleven million windshields thrown in our landfills a year with Phoenix been one of the larger contributors.

Thanks to Cathryn Curcio of Desert Breeze Glass

6. Tell People HOW You Are Different

I changed my tagline last year to: We are not the biggest mover, but our clients tell us we are the BEST!

Then all of my followup with prospects and customers outlines how/why our clients say we are the best. This puts psychological triggers in their head so once we provide services for them (and my guys in the field are aware of this campaign), then when we ask for a testimonial they already have it in their head, that we are the best, and are more inclined to put that in their testimonial.

Thanks to Jim Howey of TechMove

7. Specialize: Be The Expert–Then Deliver

There are a ton of freelance writers, but not many have expertise in my niches (aging, senior care, evidence-based health advice, and high-end SEO friendly content for websites). My clients come to me for expertise they haven’t seen elsewhere. They could pay cheap prices for lesser work, but they know that with me, they’ll get exceptional content that beats the competition’s. So I help their businesses stand out too! I also strive to be outstanding to work with.

Thanks to Leigh Ann Otte of LA Wordsmith

8. Be Old School!

I know that what makes my business stand out shouldn’t be so simple, or old school, but it is. I live by this motto: Do What You Say You Will Do! I know it’s not the golden rule, but pretty close to it. I am constantly amazed that my clients thank me for doing such a simple thing as returning a phone call. But, when your friendly competitors take days, or do it not at all, it makes you stand out from a huge pack. All you have is your word, respect it and others will respect you!

Thanks to Karen Berg of United Brokers Group

9. Ice The Cake

So many businesses advertise their “quality” or “speed” as if the competition doesn’t have this. Come up with something the competition doesn’t have, something extra – icing on the cake. I don’t market this enough – maybe I should – but when we write a book for a client, we will happily prepare a synopsis and query letter at no extra cost. We only bring this forward when a lead asks about what comes after the writing. It helps close the sale rather than generate new leads.

Thanks to David Leonhardt of THGM writers