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I usually love Mondays, but today knocked me for a loop.   We’ve all had days like that when things just didn’t turn out your way.  So what do you do?

1.  Take a deep breath…This will pass, it always does.

2.  Remember what got you here in the first place will get you there again.

3.  Take some time to be introspective.  What could I do better next time?

4.  Reach out.  Get on the phone, set some appointments with clients, prospects and friends.

5.  Grab your journal and write it down.

6.  Drink!  (Well if that’s what works for you!)

7.  Laugh!

I found this You Tube video today about Rambo the puppy.  He looks like he’s having a bad day, just watch.  But he doesn’t let it phase him one bit.  He just shakes it off.   Thought for the day:  Be like Rambo!  Enjoy!