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Social Media is a Necessary Evil When it comes to marketing, but is it really necessary?

Social Media is a necessary evil when it comes to marketing, but is it really necessary? (Cartoon used by permission from

Social media has been the hot new marketing tool for a couple of years now, and while we manage social media for many of our clients, for the most part I view it as a “necessary evil” rather than a viable marketing medium.  Why is that?

The main reason is that marketers spent the last couple of years building up their fan following on platforms such as Twitter & Facebook, only to have the platform owners change the game.  Facebook has been continually making changes to their Edgerank algorithm (the algorithm that determines who sees your messages on their feed) which has resulted in lower visibility for many companies on Facebook.  Read more about Facebook’s Edgerank change here:  Did Facebook decrease the page’s reach? 

So the issue is that even if you have 10,000 fans or followers on Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest, etc.)  the chances of all of them seeing your messages are very slim.  If businesses are looking for a better return on investment of their marketing dollars, I recommend they revisit email newsletters and even direct mail.

If businesses are relying solely upon social media as a new customer acquisition strategy they are barking up the wrong tree. Tweet this

So here’s the rub, and forgive me if it sounds like I’m backtracking. Social media is a “necessary evil” because customers are talking about businesses on social media, and they want to be heard and acknowledged. Businesses need to monitor and be active on social media simply for that reason.

Here is an article that gives more advice as to how businesses should approach social media from a marketing perspective in the coming year. Let me know what you think.

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