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The holiday season can be a time of information and activity overload for many people.  This year, I propose going again the flow in your holiday marketing.  Here are 7 holiday marketing ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd.

1.         Holiday Photo Sessions: Partner with an awesome photographer and host free holiday photo sessions for your clients and top prospects and their families and/or pets.  Make sure you have a great background setting for your photos.  Some of my favorites include old brick buildings, barns, open fields and old cars, or even your business location.  Provide some holiday and not so holiday props such as sports equipment, hats, etc.  Schedule sittings every 30 minutes, and make sure you’re there to talk with people and meet their families.  You could work with the photographer to provide a free print to your clients, and then they could purchase other photos from the photographer as they wish.

2.         Start a Red Envelope Tradition. This a holiday greeting that will be kept all year. The red envelope is a popular Chinese New Year tradition.  As a symbol of good luck children are given red packets with an even amount of money tucked inside.   Why not send a crisp new $2 bill in a red envelope to your top clients and prospects?  Make sure you add the story about the red envelope symbolizing good luck and prosperity as you wish them a prosperous New Year.

3.         Have a Pig Party! In Austria, the suckling pig is the symbol for good luck in the New Year.  It’s served on a table decorated with tiny edible pigs. During dinner Austrians will exchange Good Luck charms such as clovers, ladybugs, mushrooms and little pigs, which according to tradition, all bring good luck throughout the year.   Why not have a pig themed New Year’s Party for your clients?  Of course, make sure you serve other foods for those who don’t eat pork!

4.         Send an elephant in the mail! In 1874 Harper’s Weekly published a cartoon of an elephant trampling on inflation and chaos.  And it was then that the elephant became the symbol of the Republican Party. Elephant figurines and charms have long been popular tokens of Good Luck and prosperity.

5.         Never Mind!! This is a guerilla marketing strategy not for the faint of heart.  Come up with some totally off the wall event or publicity stunt.  For example, talk about hosting a Naked Fashion Show.  Announce your intentions to have the event, creating a ton of controversy around it.  Then, of course, don’t have it.  The buzz around the event will get people talking.

6.         Put up your Dukes! Recently two Phoenix, Arizona, restaurants engaged in a public showdown when Restaurant Noca challenged Joe’s Real BBQ as far as who had the best Brisket.  The Brisket Throw down was all in good fun, however, the media and the public took it seriously, garnering massive publicity for both restaurants.

7.         Give Away Good Cheer: Companies like Starbucks and Burger King have adopted this method by giving away coffee during the holidays.  Starbucks had a buy one holiday drink, get one free, while Burger King offered free coffee on Fridays in November. The key is that the offers get people in the store.  What could you give away that would bring people flocking to you?  You don’t need to have a physical location for this to work.

Hey, I don’t have the corner on creative marketing strategies.  Would love to hear some of yours!