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twitter-logoPeter Shankman and Sarah Evans wrote a right-on blog post regarding social media experts.  “Ways to Tell Your Social Media Expert Might Not Be an Expert at All.”

My thoughts:  Social media should be part of your overall marketing strategy, but it needs to be done the right way, preferably by people who understand how to use it.  Here are 6 reasons to use social media, to market  your business.

1.  Use it to connect to the Right People

2.  Use it to keep in touch with current clients.

3.  Use it to create visibility for your company.

4.  Use it to create higher search engine ranking.

5.  Use it to build relationships with potential new clients.

6.  Use it to build relationships with the “Talkers.

If you don’t use social media the “Right Way” you’re actually doing more harm than good.  Next post, 6 ways to use social media the wrong way.

Your comments?