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Photo credit:  Yatmandu on Flickr

Photo credit: Yatmandu on Flickr

I read a quote from one of my friends on Facebook this morning:

Some things don’t change! “When President Roosevelt was asked about the difference between recession and depression, he replied: ‘When your neighbor loses his job, it is recession. When you lose your job, it is depression.”

Unemployment in the United States is currently hovering around 9% according to the  US  Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Some states, like Michigan have unemployment around 13%, and with GM’s bankruptcy, that number could go higher.

The recession has hit my family too.  The unemployment rate at my house is 50% because my husband has been laid off since November.  We, like so many others have had to make some tough choices!

But it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom!  Instead of being reactive, we need to be proactive.  The time is ripe to take charge of our financial lives and start our own business.

That’s what’s so great about our country! You can start your own business with hardly any money, at all.  I should know.  I recently left a successful 7-year career in the financial services industry to start 23 Kazoos!

People have called me crazy.  I knew the time was right because the need for my services was high, and costs to enter the market are at all time lows.  Some said I was crazy to do it, but my thought was that I was crazy not too.  And so far, I’ve been right.  23 Kazoos has had tremendous success.

If you have the right mindset, you can start your own business too.   Don’t be afraid to jump in, the water is fine!

Here’s a great article by that will help you get your entrepreneurial ideas flowing.  Innovation Jubilation: 50+ New Business Ideas that Defy Doom and Gloom, by

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