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Twitter is an important part of our social media marketing strategy.

I didn’t like Twitter at first.

I thought it was random, and stupid, and a waste of time, and so right after I originally signed up I deleted my account.

But after a while I kept hearing the testimonials from people who loved Twitter and so I thought I would give it another shot.  I’m glad I did, because I have become a Twitter believer.

Now Twitter is an integral part of  the social media marketing strategy that we implement for our clients here at 23 Kazoos.  Here are some reasons why I like to use it now.

1.       It enables me to see and share what’s going on in the world, in my community and in my market, in real time.  About a month ago I thought I felt an earthquake!  My house was rolling and rocking, my blinds and chandeliers were swaying back and forth.  I went to Twitter and said “I think I felt an earthquake!”  “Me too,” said several people…  Through Twitter we discovered there had been an earthquake in our area.  And that news came to us instantaneously, long before it was announced on a television news or radio station.

2.       Twitter enables me to establish visibility and credibility, in my community, marketplace and world.  Through Twitter I share small business marketing tips that get “retweeted” frequently.

3.       Twitter enables me to make new connections and build and valuable relationships, while at the same time keeping in contact with current relationships.  It’s quicker than a phone call and getting more efficient all the time.

4.       Twitter enables me to get the word out about my clients businesses in a meaningful way. Through Twitter my clients have gained new customers, kept current customers up to date, and even garnered media attention.  It’s been a valuable tool in our marketing strategy.

Here are 50 Twitter applications and resources that I like to use when I’m implementing a social media marketing strategy for myself and my clients.  Do you have a favorite Twitter application or resource?  If so, please list it here!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with any of these sites.  Also, because things change so quickly, some of these links may be broken or these sites may not be available any longer.  Kindly post comment and we will make changes.

Find Followers & Followees:

  1. Twellow:
  2. Tweepz:
  3. Nearby Tweets:
  4. GeoFollow:
  5. Streetmavens:
  6. Twitter Grader:
  7. Journalist Tweets:
  8. Media on Twitter:
  9. Muck Rack:
  10. Listorius:
  11. Twitter advanced search:

Manage Twitter:

  1. Journalist Tweets:
  2. Media on Twitter:

Manage Twitter on Your Computer:


  1. Tweet Deck:
  2. Seesmic Desktop:
  3. HooteSuite:


  1. Nambu:
  2. Tweetie:

Manage Twitter on Your Mobile Phone:


  1. OpenBeak:
  2. Tiny Twitter:


  1. HootSuite:
  2. TwitDroid:
  3. NanoTweeter:


  1. Twitter for iPhone:
  2. Echophone:

Automate Twitter:

  1. CoTweet:
  2. HootSuite:
  3. Twuffer:
  4. Social Oomph:

Personalize Your Twitter Background:

  1. TwitrBackgrounds:
  2. Twitrounds:
  3. TwitBacks:

Market Your Small Biz with Twitter Applications:

  1. 34.                TwitHawk:
  2. Easy Tweets: Promote your biz:
  3. Twitjump: Monitor your brand:
  4. Listorius: Find the top lists to follow:
  5. OneForty: Best Twitter applications:
  6. Twt Apps: Applications especially for businesses:

Just for Fun!

  1. Twittersheep:
  2. Playtwivia:
  3. Tweetbomb:
  4. Twittearth:
  5. Tweet Cloud:
  6. My Tweet Cloud:
  7. Twitter Grader:
  8. 12 Seconds.TV:

Twitter Tips and How To’s

48.  100 Twitter Tips eBook, by Dan Hollings:

49.  Twitter Power 2.0, by Joel Comm (book)


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