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Build Buzz for Business by being a sports fan. Photo credit: paulhadsall,

Build Buzz for Business by being a sports fan. Photo credit: paulhadsall,

One of the biggest struggles many of the small business owners that I work with have today is figuring out how to take their marketing to the next level with a limited or non-existent budget and without taking up a bunch of their time.  For small companies without their own marketing department, much of the activity involved in marketing the business falls on the shoulders of the owner.  Often this person is also the primary doer in the business too, the one who actually performs the service or produces the products that they are trying to market.  This means that they need creative and inexpensive ways to market their business that give them a lot of bang for their buck.  Here are5 B’s that will help create buzz for just about any small business.

1.  Be a Sports Fan

Become the unofficial “your business here” of your hometown or local sports team.  Have a sports themed promotion, or create a sports themed product or packaging.  Give people bonus offers for wearing their favorite team’s colors, or logos..

2.  Be Charitable

Charities are always looking for donations and you can get some great publicity by picking one or two charities that will be your donation partner for the year.  Throughout the year, you can tie promotions into this donation partnership which increases the likelihood of media coverage and positive press.

3.  Be Award-Winning

If you have been hesitant to enter any local or national business award competitions because you feel like you are boasting about your business, you may be missing a great opportunity for marketing and PR.  Businesses that win awards get media coverage.  Awards also boost your image as an expert in your industry and a high quality business people can trust.

4.  Be a Teacher

Create opportunities for potential customers to improve themselves, improve their lives, or learn something new by hosting educational events targeted at your ideal customer.  If you are an accountant, hold a seminar on how to get everything together to do your taxes.  If you are a nutritionist, offer healthy cooking classes in conjunction with a local restaurant that serves healthy options.

5.  Be a Promotional Partner           

Partner with other business as a promotional partner where the agreement is you both promote each other to the other’s customers.  It works best if your products and services are complimentary to the other business’s, for example, if you own an auto detailing business, partner with an auto repair business and you can help each other tap into a whole new network of potential customers.