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Some of the most effective short term marketing campaigns are tied those that are tied to holidays or celebrations.  When the holiday or celebration involves gift giving, like Father’s Day, you can boost your bottom line and bring new people into your business with the right idea.  Almost every business can find ways to leverage the sentiments surrounding Father’s Day for their marketing messaging.  Sell products men buy?  Promote that product at the perfect Father’s Day present.  Sell services men can use?  Promote gift certificates that let family members give that service for their gift.  In creating the right campaign, a little creativity can go a long way so to help you find the one that is right for you, here are 4 great ways to tie your marketing to Father’s Day.

1.       Discounts for Dads

There is a reason that you see this kind of holiday tie-in promotion a lot; it works.  Offering special discounts for dad can bring more customers into your business and give them a reason to buy from you.  You can offer a special Dad-discount coupon that is good for a specific timeframe or on specific products and is geared toward those who are buying the gift.  You can offer special Father’s Day Discounts on the day by offering a percentage discount, freebie, or other incentive to get fathers to come in on father’s day.

2.       Have a Best Dad Contest

Think cutest baby contest or tiny tot pageant where Dad’s compete for the title of Best Dad and a host of prizes.  Rather than having Dad’s participate in traditional “pageant” areas, make it more fun and Dad-friendly by incorporating competition categories related to things Dad’s do like fixing things, grilling, and sports.  This can also be a great opportunity to partner with another local business or charity to boost both your businesses and offer a great prize package.   Don’t forget to open the contest up to men who act as Dads like stepfathers, grandfathers, etc.

3.       Host a Dad Look Alike Contest

This is a great way to get lots of people involved and talking about your contest and by extension your business.  Have a contest to find the family who has the most family resemblance between a Dad and another family member.  This contest can be done in your shop, online, through social media, or through a combination of any or all of these mediums.  You can either take pictures of the entrants or have them submit their own pictures and then have others vote on the best look-a-likes.  Offer a great prize to get the most people involved.

4.       Why I Love My Dad Contest

This contest can also be run across a multitude of mediums and has viral potential on social media.  Encourage children to enter the contest by explaining why they love their dad and then post all entries and have people vote on Facebook, your website, and in person for their favorite.   Offer a great prize to the winning child and their father. Help families celebrate their fabulous Father’s while also introducing new customers to your business by tying your marketing this month to Father’s Day.