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Creative Leap Year Marketing Ideas for 2012

Leap Year is the perfect time to build buzz for your business.

Leap Year only comes once every four years and it’s a perfect opportunity to build buzz for your business.  Here are a few Leap Year marketing ideas for you to use, or use these ideas to help you think of your own.


  1. A Sale So Special, It Only Happens Once Every Four Years!
  2. Buy One Get One for 29 Cents!
  3. Leap into Savings
  4. 29 Reasons to Buy Now!
  5. 29 Ways
  6. 29 Bonus Offers
  7. Extra Day, Extra Savings!
  8. Leap Year Contest
  9. Leap Year Drawings and Gift Certificates
  10. Leap Year Birthday Party
  11. Leap Year Bonus
  12. Leap Year Prices
  13. Leap Year Values
  14. Leap Year Offer
  15. Leap Year Crazy Deals
  16. It Only Happens Once Every Four Years… One More Day to Shop!
  17. Leap And Save!
  18. Leap At The Chance To Save!
  19. Leap Day Special!
  20. Leap Into Big Savings!
  21. Leap Year Day Only!
  22. Leap Year Sale!
  23. Leap Year Sales Event!
  24. Leap Year Special Enclosed!
  25. Leap Year Special Offer!
  26. Leap Year Special!
  27. Once Every Four Years!
  28. Prices Won’t Be This Low Again For Another Four Years!
  29. Take 29% Off
  30. Take An Extra $29 Off!
  31. Use Code “LeapYear” To Save!