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1.  Focus on the One Thing.success

2.  Take time every day to practice.

3.  Expect the unexpected.

4.  Have a plan B, and C, and D…

5.  It always takes longer than you think.

6.  Pick your battles.

7.  Be loyal.

8.  Make friends.

9.  Don’t tell, show!

10.  Choose to be happy!

11.  Enthusiasm is contagious!

12.  So is fun!  Have some!

13.   Fake it until you make it.

14.  Be content in the now, but always strive for improvement.

15.  Life is a journey.

16.  Enjoy the ride!

17.  Don’t forget the lessons.

18.  There is no such thing as failure, only experiments.

19.  Always believe.

20.  Surround yourself with awesomeness!

21.  It takes a team!  Make sure they are the best.

22.  Don’t trust blindly.

23.  Do everything with Love!

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