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holidaydogDon’t let your business slow down during the holidays because of people who put off making decisions until the new year.  Here are 23  small business holiday marketing ideas that can help your business bring in customers during the holidays and mark the start of a booming new year.

  1. Do something different than what everyone else is doing.  Instead of having a holiday party, have a holiday “help a thon.”   Ask your customers to help you.  You could host a food drive, clean up yards for elderly, host a blanket or coat drive.
  2. Write a holiday survival guide (highlighting your products or services of course).
  3. On the same note, email out a holiday/winter checklist or tip sheet.
  4. Hire a local photographer to come into your business and take holiday photos with Santa for a donation.
  5. Or have a “Strangest” Holiday contest.. For example, strangest holiday tradition, strangest decoration, etc.
  6. Create 12 days of featured products that you sell or services you offer
  7. Or send 12 days of tips
  8. Or send 12 cards.
  9. Offer a collection of customer’s favorite recipes, holiday tips, songs, carols, etc.
  10. Have a holiday decorating contest.  If you are a home builder invite your customers to send in photos of their new homes decorated for the holidays.    This would work for a variety of businesses.
  11. Dress up your website for the holidays by adding holiday themed items on it
  12. Offer personalized shopping service by email. Create a survey on and have people list the people they need to shop for and a few of their likes/dislikes. You can email them suggestions on gifts and even offer to package it up for them!
  13. Add holiday bonuses as sales incentives:  For example, a painter could offer free housecleaning with every holiday painting job.
  14. Offer a gift certificate from your company as a holiday bonus with purchase.
  15. Host an “Enter To Win..” giveaway contest.
  16. Cross promote your holiday bonuses with other businesses that are complimentary to yours.
  17. For businesses that are service related, especially if you are located near shops that are frequented by holiday traffic, offer a stress relief reception where shoppers can stop by, sit down and have a cup of hot chocolate before continuing on their shopping.
  18. Give away free Christmas poinsettias, trees or wreaths as a holiday purchasing incentive.
  19. If you’re in retail, add-on gifts that might be used as a second gift. A florist might include a free gift-wrapped ornament with a certain level of purchase that can be sent to a different address. Two gifts for the price of one. Buy one get one free offers are great at holiday times.
  20. Offer to donate a percentage of all sales in December to your favorite charity and publicize it with a press release to the media.
  21. Find a way to help your customers see that now is the perfect time to buy, before your prices increase in the new year (Buy Now and Save!), or before you no longer offer a particular product or service.
  22. Make sure you advertise your prices in context.  For example, if you have lowered your prices for the holidays, make sure you tell them.. I.E.  Normal price was X dollars, but now, just for the holidays, it’s Y dollars.  Put an expiration date on your promotion.
  23. Call your top customers just to wish them Happy Holidays.