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2014 Winter Olympics Marketing and PR Ideas

The 2014 Winter Olympics is great opportunity to market your business. Photo: by subscription


The 2014 Winter Olympics begin on February 7th and it’s a perfect marketing and PR opportunity for your business!

Here are some Winter Olympics story ideas that you might pitch to your local media:

  • Food and Decor Ideas for an Olympic-themed viewing party
  • Russian food for an Olympic Party
  • How to train like a regular person but get Olympic results
  • Personal security tips for travelers to the Winter Olympics
  • Olympic fashion
  • Technology and the Olympics
  • Social media and the Olympics
  • Environmental impacts of the Olympics
  • Are you going to the Olympics
  • Are Olympic athletes born or made?
  • Travel tips for going over seas

Here’s another marketing and PR idea for the 2014 Winter Olympics from my friend Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results, including a free direct mail letter or email focused on the Olympics. I love his idea so much I’ve copied his email to me below.  (Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Travis other than I buy his products.)

From Travis Lee, 3 D Mail Results

If you read my e-mail tips, you know I LOVE using current events in my marketing. There’s a big one coming up in February, the Winter Olympics.

What better way to break through all the noise and clutter than by sending your clients,prospects or patients their very own gold medal!

This is a great direct mail piece to cut the clutter and increase your response rates!

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Buy Olympic Gold Medals

And here’s a link to download a sample letter using the gold medal. I suggest you click the link and read the short letter.

Have you read the letter? Good, because what I’m going to talk about below won’t make any sense unless you’ve at least scanned through

the letter.

Since you’re going to mail gold medals this month, I think it’s especially appropriate to send it to your “gold Medal” clients, your “A+” clients.

Your own in-house list should always yield you the best results in direct mail, and really any marketing effort. If not, you’ve got an issue in

how you communicate with your customers.

Be sure to tweak the letter and make it your own. Use your own language. However, the heavy lifting has been done for you.

The idea, the headline and tie-in to the event has already been done for you. Be sure to include guarantees, testimonials, endorsements etc. All the required elements

of a good direct response sales letter.

I’ve got more to say on this subject, but you’ll have to stay tuned. I’ll drive further into the psychology of this letter and how you should use it this month to boost your sales.

The winter Olympics start on Friday February 7, 2014. Order your gold medals today before the 2014 Winter Olympics pass you by!

Do you want us to do the printing, mailing and fulfillment? We can do that! Just reply to this email or call 888-250-1834

and ask for Tara. She’ll get you taken care of ASAP!

Call 888-250-1834 or visit this link to order.

To Your Direct Mail Success,

Travis Lee

3D Mail Results

6205 S. 231st St

Kent, WA 98032


PS. You can get more ideas about how to use the Olympic Gold Medals in your marketing at Travis’ blog.